Sunday, August 18, 2013

Calvin Belt Benefit

I met Cal for the first time this Sunday. First impression (generally formed in the first couple of minutes meeting a person), is that Cal has integrity. This I confirmed by observing this same trait in all his friends who were present for this benefit. These friends, who I met Cal through. So thank you Cal for sharing yourself through them, to me.

Here are some photos of the day. Sort of Wes' pick. There are many more, and I mean MANY more. I am going to give Danny of Scream'n Chickens Amps a copy of all the photos, so that you can purchase with the video that is coming out. (Well, maybe. Still working that out I think.) All money goes to the benefit. As was alluded to during the evening, think of it as depositing in your own emotional bank account. You never know when you might have to withdrawal some day.

The first band I have ever photographed . . . The Robots.

You have not heard blues until you have heard this band, The Kinsey Report. Cleanse your pallet from all your music, because you will want to taste what this band has to offer. It is smooth, down, groove'n, a body gyration kind of band that you will be in your seat or on the floor, doing things that will make you weird.  All cool inside.  And was about time that I got to photograph them!!!!!

The Steepwater Band. I have mentioned this before. They amaze me in that each member has their own definition, their own character. Yet they play as a team. A mission of wanting us to JAM with them, and I do. I love these guys.

My experience knowing Cal is just a few hours. I would like to suggest you take this time to write your experience of knowing Cal, share it with us, so that I for one can get to know Cal better. One great thing about this is, I know Cal through his friends, and that speaks highly of Cal.

Of course a special thanks has to go out to Danny of Screaminchickenz Amps, and Birgit, for caring this much to pull this all together. They have definitely deposited enough in the emotional bank account to get a return, many fold.

Screaminchickenz Amps

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