Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Unstoppables - mini size

My bride and I went out for some good energy this night, and met up with these three great people who enjoy playing music to us. Not being a musician myself, I can only surmise that being a musician chills you out from the stress of the day. Blocking out any bad vibe of the day or week, and re-energizing with the positive new vibe from not only through play of music, but also the positive reaction from the crowd.

For some of us like me, I go to see musicians play for that same reason, to renew my positive vibration so that I can do the same for you through my blogs.

Tonight felt like I was sitting with my high-school friends (1971-1975) listening to records, discussing what we wanted out of life, using the influence of word and rhythm of the song to motivate us to a higher plain. Sometimes only a low key simple song was needed. Sometimes a powerful grab you by the balls was needed. Either way, the trio gave it to me (us) the way I remembered it to be. Thanks Guys!

Dan Soto – Acoustic Guitar / Vocals

Bruce Chronister – Acoustic Guitar / Vocals

Jim Sasaki – Base Guitar / Vocals

Thank you Region Ale for supporting local music! (Thanks for the great tasting meal too!!!)

Region Ale
1080 US Highway 41
Schererville, IN

You can catch these guys playing as The Unstoppables . . .

The Unstoppables

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