Saturday, January 19, 2019

Marrakesh Express and Unstoppables 1/11/19

This night of music brought me back to my happy place. It reminded me of the roots music Office Sessions I had attended in Chicago. Opening tonight were 3 unplugged musicians from the Unstoppables, doing all acoustic. Roots music at it’s finest. After them Marrakesh Express headlined. Two of my friends, Joe Baranowski and Pete Calacci debuted their guitar play.

As I write this I realize that Pete has been the instrument for my bride Christi and I getting together, twice for the first time. Once at Chicago House of Blues, and second at Calvin Belts benefit concert. That is another story to tell later.

All of these guys, both bands, made me proud. Most of all I need to give kudos to my buddy Pete Calacci on guitar. He elevated himself to the calling this evening, appreciated both by the band and the audience, as you saw their smiles and cheers. Not to take away from friend Joe. He commented that he is learning a lot playing alongside Pete. Do not let that statement sell Joe short. He is coming into his own, with great style, different from Pete as it should be. To note, both Pete and Joe recently joined Merrikesh Express, this being their first gig in public with this band.

Of course it is always great to see Greg Ashby on stage. His being, his play, pulls you into his vibe. The audience becomes one with him.

I am not underselling the other musicians. They all were strong. Each of these guys love what they do. What I noticed more tonight compared to other bands, and is what I try to find in bands, is when a band plays for each other, when they get into their groove, when they go into their little universe of fun, challenging themselves to be the best. They impress the audience and make it a lot more fun for us that way. These two bands stepped up and did just that tonight.

This camaraderie of talent is what pulls me post a lot of photographs. I normally dislike posting a lot of photographs because it distracts from the fun of the blog post. I just overcome that when I had a really good evening captured digitally. (Wanted to write captured on film then hit me, I am digital now.) Hence, yes there are a lot of photographs in this particular blog post. 

So enjoy the photographs. Most of all please see these two bands, whether full strength, unplugged, or paired down in another way. You will be pleased, at the very least. Also, check back later for a link to my bride Christi’s photos of the show.

First up, The Unstoppables . . .


Marrakesh Express ⁓ a CSNY experience

Marrakesh Express ⁓ a CSNY experience

The Unstoppables

A special thanks to Buddy & Pals Place in Crown Point . . .

Buddy & Pal's Place

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