Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Nick Danger Trio at Wildrose Brewing Company

This is one father and son team hand-me-down music where the son takes everything ever passed along and cranks it so high that his future kids are going to have a hard time surpassing it (one would think). But you know what, they will, because of the Clemons touch. For Jerry being the father of Cat, it puts a big smile on Jerry's face every time the two of them play.

Cat Clemons was the star of the evening. I first saw him play at Kenwood Tap back in 2012. (Click here to see the blog.) Very impressive then, super impressive now. Cat rolled into town for a few days to visit, and to release his new CD titled "Veering Left, Towards Indiana" at the Wildrose Brewing Company in Griffith.

Thank you Cat for being inspirational to us. Thank you Jerry for being inspirational to Cat!

Jerry Clemons - Base Guitar / Vocal

Cat Clemons - Guitar / Vocal

Terence Boylan - Drums / Vocal

Enjoy all of the photographs, starting with Terry on Drums . . . (lots of photos too, I chose to keep most of them in)

If you did not see it looking through the photographs, go back and look again. You may enjoy it more. When Cat plays it is like the guitar is talking to us, singing Cat's inner story to us. The emotions going through that mind to finger to string to amp and to our ears and sight draws you to silence, until the end, when you cannot help but scream and applaud the performance. Do not miss the chance of seeing Jerry and his son Cat play.

Nick Danger

Wildrose Brewing Company
1104 E Main St.
Griffith, IN 46319

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