Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nomad Planets

Benefits Show for the Food Bank of NW Indiana

Nomad Planets at Beer Geeks


Mark Mybeck - Lead Vocal, Guitar

Phil Rapchak - Base

John Carpenter - Lead Guitar, Vocal

Drew Enselman - Drums

with Chris Ussery - Keyboard, Accordion

I am slacking again . . . late getting this post out. The event with the Nomad Planets was great. Talk about rocking Christmas songs like they have never been played before. Again, like they have NEVER been played before . . . at least for me. It was too cool.

The Nomad Planets were superb this evening, playing Christmas tunes for their first set, and their own afterward. So, let me get you to the evening, starting with Drew. Drummers sit in the back, are difficult to see at times, and I like the drums. So, photographers choice to show off the drummer first . . .

As you get older, like me, you learn you need your glasses on . . . it was funny when Mark's glasses fell off . . . "the sign" of a good JAM . . .

So, stay cool, and stay on the floor and play . . . a die hard rocker, for the fans . . .

I had to leave early for another event to photograph at The Dance Gallery. Tonight was fun. The Nomad Planets have it together, are down to earth, enjoy JAM'n together, which shows as enjoyment in us. Thanks guys!!!

Nomad Planets

Beer Geeks

3030 45th Street
Highland, IN 46322

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