Saturday, February 17, 2018

219 Days LIVE 2/17/18

It is official, the region has it's own holiday! It is the 219 Day held by the city of Hammond. Mayor Thomas M McDermott, JR MC'd the evening 21 and over event. Thank you Mayor, and the City of Hammond for use of the Hammond Civic Center.

I would like to give a great thanks to the South Roller Girls (SSRG) for showing great spirit not only for what they do for free (roller derby), thank you for your great community support and giving to charity. You can find out more about SSRG by clicking here. You can catch their games this year in Hobart, at The Diggz. Their first home game is on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th.

Thank you SSRG for coming to 219 Day too pumping up the jam as it were (pun intended if you are a roller derby fan). Your energy was felt by your's truly throughout the evening.

Sometimes you just need the purity of B&W to show the real story in the photograph. I view B&W as giving you less noise for your brain to process. Do not be fooled. Black & Whiting photographs can also be noisy. Funny thing about that, a little bit of color softens the B&W noise, giving is “color” to uplift the story. So with that, take a look at the bundle of photographs taken starting after the doors opened and the crowd rolling in.

First on stage, Rico Hampton as Michael Jackson. I want to give Rico a big thanks for being, well Rico. His love for people shows each performance I witness. He includes everybody, and is always the performer. (Reminds me of our SSRG!)

One of the SSRG skaters doing the "Thriller" wolf dance as she waits for food at one of the many vendors that were in the house.

Climbing the wall! Not as easy as it looks being an inflatable wall.

Gladiator joust anyone?

Check your strength at the punching arcade!

Nomad Planets

Back in the day many of us attended concerts at the Hammond Civic Center. The members of Nomad Planets are no exception. For them it must have felt they were contributing to their past experiences at this venue.

Mark Mybeck - Lead Guitar / Vocal

Phil Rapchak - Bass

John Carpenter - Guitar

Chris Ussery - Keyboard

Terry Boylan - Drums

Chad of the Crawpuppies thought he got one on me, taking a photo and posting it on FB. Ha, he did not know I saw him from the corner of my eye, nor did he realize I photographed him first and turned as he photographed Nomad Planets.

The Crawpuppies

Chad Clifford - Lead Guitar / Vocal

Aaron Hedges - Bass

Chris Karp - Drums

Mike Curtis - Guitar

The Crawpuppies

Nomad Planets

South Shore Roller Girls

219 Day

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