Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paul Henry's Acoustic Jam 91

Another enjoyable evening, given to us by the artists and those who come to see them.  Thank you. And, this is a family event, as you can see by this first photo.

I arrived late because I was framing photographs for an upcoming photo exhibition I am participating in.  When I arrived, Mitch Wright was up . . .

As I mentioned in my last blog, my desire is to no longer sit and photograph every artist. Rather, to walk around and to see what is going on. I found Adrian jamming in the front room.

With our artist friend Lauren in the back room . . .

There were a number of new faces tonight. I become wrapped up in the photography, and I do not take the time to remember or write down names. This next lady who sang A Cappella for us is Leticia Isaac.  (Thank you David for feeding me the names.)

These next two have always been a favorite for me.  I really enjoy their harmony, and wish we could here more of that from them.  May I introduce you to Steve Early and Riana Zona!

Now, I tend to capture a lot of photographs, however when Steve and Riana entertain, I seem to always turn on the video. I will have to work on that file to reduce it so you can watch. In the mean time, one last photo of Steve.

Okay, here is your update for 6/4/2012 . . . the vid of Steve and Riana . . .

Another new person to the gallery, Paul. Paul had a good performance for his first time there, and would like him to come back to do it again. I enjoyed his character, his simplicity, honesty. So honest that he gave away he missed a chord or lyric when he smiled . . .

This next photo is another "blind on the floor" photograph. I am finding it amazing that I can hit this photo, without looking through the viewfinder (I do not use live view on the LCD), by just looking at the angle of the lens and feeling the electronic focus locking onto the subject. Weird, in that I failed geometry in high school, got a "B" in trigonometry (if I recall right), suffered in calculus, yet have multiple engineering degrees and am very successful at the engineering I do. Perhaps this is all playing into my photography.

I know the artists are taken back by all the photography that takes place during their performance. Sometimes, as an artist, you may not know how to take it. I think what needs to be remembered is that as the artist performs, more art is being created, and another art form (photography) captures the vibe the photographer gets from the artists. Sometimes feeding it back to the artist, making a recurring cycle of energy and beauty. Not all photographers are the same.  Well, I can say that about everyone I suppose. For me, the energy I see is what I photograph. I hope to help you see what I see . . .

This next lady blew me away.  Which is why I feel sad at the moment that I did not get her name, so I could give her the proper praise she so deserves.  She was just plain spectacular in my humble opinion.  She has one of those voices, personalities, that emotional vibe that you simply become friends with and never want to part from.  I did manage to give her my blog site address so she can look at the photos.  So, if you read this, message me your name so I can write it in :)  (Ah, got word, this is Natalina and her daughter Chiara.)

You could "see" how free she felt playing her music with all of us in front, and her daughter dancing around.  She has the patience of a saint I think, and an understanding of herself, that most of us do not have of ourselves.  The emotion she puts into her music is true, at least to me, and that simple feeling is what drew me.

Here are some photos.  Do you see what I see?

As you can tell, I hope, is that she gave a lot, and I took it all in. Thank you!!!!

Rick Therrio

Michelle Milan

Matt Heckler

Lou Shields

I have taken so many photos of Lou that I think I am now failing in originality. However, if the classics work, put them out there for others to enjoy . . .

Later, Lou was joined by Mark Biegel. These two make a great team for some great music . . .

Another newcomer to the gallery, Joseph Isaac.  I hope he comes back . . .

Next was Kevin who I enjoyed as well. I enjoy when artists choose to not study the norm, but to make out of it what they can. Personalizing it I guess I would say.  This banjo music was just that.

I am spying on the camera guy taking photos of the hand shots. Sort of the guy shooting the guy who is shooting the guy . . . get it?

I do not know.  Are we abusing Mark?  Na . . . we are all volunteers here . . .

The artistic hand of . . .

Sophia Rapata

Later Sophia was joined by Andy Stephenson. These two made a very different and fun team. I really liked the musical expression they had going on.

And if you did not catch it, Sophia was playing some from the end of the guitar, which was very unique and enjoyable. Way to go girl!!!!!

And, more Lauren being Lauren . . .

I did not stay late either. I am finding more photography to do, which is good. However, it then requires me to spend some time on it.

Hey, has anyone recognized any of "The End" shoes that I put up once and a while? I know of two people who do . . .

A few of my photos have been accepted in the Photo Arts III national juried photography exhibit, at the CornerStone Gallery in Whiting. The exhibition, which includes other photographer's work, will be on display from June 4th, until August 3rd. The awards reception will be held June 9th, from 9:00 AM to noon. I would like to extend an inventation to everyone to come out to see some of my work framed and hanging. It is a little different than looking at it on the blog.

CornerStone Gallery
(inside Centier Bank)
1500 - 119th Street
Whiting, IN

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