Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nomad Planets LIVE 12/13/14

Yes, this was the 1-year anniversary for the 18th Street Brewery located in Gary, and the return of Nomad Planets. I could not have thought of, or wished, a better fitting tribute to this Brewery than having the Nomad Planets perform again. I had a blast. Original brew. Original music. Original friends.

This was my second time here. Even in that short while, I have seen the changes. Change happens. Either you accept it, create it, or let it go by. The Nomad Planets have seen this brewery change more than I have over this past year. As they said (the Nomad Planets), this brewery is a part of the town and the local region, that is needed. Cheers! Here are the guys for this evening:

Nomad Planets. Not much to say, but Wow! I love these guys. All original music. All supporting original music. All supporting local NW Indiana bands, and local business like 18th Street Brewery. These guys only put out quality. That is why it takes them so frickin long to get an album out. I say that with cheer!

Mark Mybeck - Lead Vocal / Guitar

Phil Rapchak - Bass Guitar / Vocal

John Carpenter - Guitar / Vocal

Chris Ussery - Keyboard / Vocal

Terence Boylan - Drums

Here are the photos of the evening. Please share. Please go and have some fun at 18th Street Brewery. Tell them Nomad Planets and I sent you!

Nice and fuzzy like a Leopards Butt!

The many faces of Mark . . . do you know what song he is singing?

My friend Jared who volunteered for work at 18th Street Brewery this day!

18th Street Brewery
5725 Miller Avenue
Gary, IN 46403

Nomad Planets

Nomad Planets Albums
The Indestructible Drop
Edge Of Time
You're Never Lost Until You Panic
Corrugated Smile

Now a poor vid by yours truly of the Nomad Planets son, Underground . . .

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