Sunday, November 24, 2019

Tom Lounges' Record Bin

I started listening to the radio when I was in 6th grade. Yes, I listened to it earlier, but not with my own intention. The intention – music. I started collecting 45’s and albums in 8th grade, then a little later in life 8-tracks and cassettes. It was all rock'n roll. The “go to” was always vinyl.

Starting in 1970 and for the next 36 years you can imagine how many vinyl I had collected. Then came a day I had to downsize, and it was all given away, including my stereo. That hurt, but change was needed and CD’s were available and easier to shelve. Though I found out in the late 80’s that CD’s were not the quality I was hoping for. Every frequency of sound was heard. You do not hear that at a concert. Albums and concerts were more in tune with each other. Compact discs had too much audible noise, like an overpopulated color photograph. It took a while to get used to that.

Though through all these years vinyl was still my “go to” when I had a listening choice. I am happy to report that there are many others that feel the same, helping the comeback of vinyl, and who better to carry that torch than Tom Lounges!

What is super cool is that Tom has a vinyl record store in Hobart, "Tom Lounges' Record Bin", and it is just not that. You can also catch local musicians and friends of Tom play there, and it is free. Yes, free. Yes, buy a vinyl while you are there, because that is what helps support music and the comeback of vinyl.

This Sunday evening Tom invited Christi’s and my good friend Jeff Massey to play. It is always fun to catch Jeff doing acoustic.

It is sad, and good, that it took Jeff Massey to get me out of the house and to visit Tom Lounges' Record Bin for the first time. It is a really nice store, comfortable atmosphere, and great people. I will go more often. This is the largest vinyl collection for sale that I have seen in years. You want it they will most likely have it, or may be able to get it. Go check it out, and check out the photographs below.




The next three photographs Christi took . . .





My bride Christi checking out the stash, and making a find . . .



Tom Lounges' Record Bin
218 Main Street
Hobart, IN

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