Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Funky Mojodaddy . . . I Say Funk LIVE

Was a very nice Blues night at Beer Geeks. Funky MoJo Daddy was on stage, starring:

Kenny Kinsey - Bass / Vocal

Nick Byrd - Guitar / Vocal

Jeff Massey - Guitar / Vocal

Jerry Porter - Drums

Here is a video clip (short one, meaning I started very late) of how the evening started . . . and I mean started . . .

I have a lot of respect for each of these 4 gentlemen. They are serious. They are class. They are Funk, Blues, pure artistry. Seeing / listening to them in a different arrangement than I have before, breaths quality into my lungs and a smooth vibe to my ears. Here are some photos of the evening . . .

Kenny giving Yoda a lesson in Blues . . .

Screaminchickenz Amps . . . a plug for my supporter, fan, friend . . .

It was a real treat, seeing these guys in a different arrangement from what they normally do. I think the change for them, and for us, is good. It gives the chance for change, clarity, experimentation on a different level, that eventually leads to the greatness I witnessed tonight.

I apologize for not being able to stay after the first set. I really, and I do mean really, got the MoJo on and Funked . . . who's your Daddy?????

Let me leave you with one more video (hand held like the other).

Thank you gentlemen for letting me practice my photography on you.  It has only been 22 months that I have been doing this.  Still learning, grooving, smiling along the way, and you are part of that reason why I enjoy doing this.

Check out Beer Geeks every Tuesday night, blues night . . .

3030 45th Street
Highland, IN  46322

Beer is the only thing served. (Belly up to the bar.) BYOF.

Check out Funky MoJo Daddy on Reverbnation .

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