Saturday, December 18, 2021

Mr. Funnyman - Echoes of Pompeii, a Pink Floyd Tribute Band


You ever get so engrossed that you forget to do something? I do when I am at concerts. Instead of taking photographs I find myself zoning out to the music, feeling it in the present and in memories of the past. It happened when photographing Mr. Funnyman - Echoes of Pompeii this evening.

So, I went to high school in the early/mid 70’s. It was a great time for music. One of our favorites was Pink Floyd.

We would go over to a friend’s house to listen to vinyl, in the bedroom, or outside with speakers blasting through the open bedroom window. Many times we listened from the AM radio in/outside a parked car.

The groove, the melody, had you dreaming about the cosmos. Pink Floyd just made sense to us.

Many took this seriously. They could not get enough, so they played instruments to become more connected to the music they loved. They formed bands, like the Andrews brothers and friends of Echoes of Pompeii, a Pink Floyd Tribute band. Do what you love to enjoy, and they love and do it very well. They are so in tune to the vibe, they are the music of Pink Floyd . . .

I can never state this enough. Northwest Indiana is dripping with talent. They need a place to showcase it. Avenue 912 in Griffith is one such venue of many in the region. I am still amazed how nice the staff is, and the facility. I'm calling it home #2.

Thanks to the Andrews brothers for being you and dedicated to the music. Thanks to Avenue 912 for supporting local music!

Mr. Funnyman

Echoes of Pompeii - A Pink Floyd Tribute Band

My bride Christi's camera was able to pick up the laser light show. Pretty cool. More discussion on this at the very end of the blog. Enjoy the photos first!

Mr. Funnyman
(a variety of cover music)

Echoes of Pompeii
(a Pink Floyd Tribute Band)

Avenue 912

Oh, and before you go, check this out. My bride used one of my cameras and my laptop to livestream. Came out pretty good if I do say so.

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In the digital world of photography there are no two cameras alike. You can say that about everything, however a photographer experiences it with digital. You can have two identical model cameras, and the sensors will react differently to light. If you were able to buy two from the same lot, in sequential production, that would probably be as close to "alike" as you can probably get, yet still different.

So, Christi started shooting a different manufacture camera than she use to, while I still shoot with what we had. The camera sensors of her camera we able to pick up on the effects of the laser light show, which was pretty cool. Better than the naked eye could see. I tried with the same camera setting on mine, however I could not get as strong as an effect. If I played more with it I might have come closer. But why? My bride had it covered!

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