Friday, August 28, 2015

The Crawpuppies LIVE 8/28/15

The Crawpuppies are one special band. Yes, we can say that about most any band. Tonight was the Crawpuppies turn, at the Valpo Central Park Plaza Splash Pad. They hit it hard with some wonderful songs. They came ready to entertain, and entertain they did. I hope you see it in the photographs.

I was not necessarily in the photography mood when I got there. I was willing to just sit and enjoy. However, after feeling the excitement of the band and audience before it all started, and finding out I could get on stage to photograph, I pulled my equipment out. The following photos are both my bride Christi's and mine. She chose to give me the few that she took to put in the blog. Easier to tag them all at once than by selection, hence you will see my tag on all the photos. Thank you Christi!!!

The Crawpuppies

Chad Clifford - lead vocal and guitar

Mike Curtis - guitar and vocal

Aaron Hedges - bass and vocal

Chris Karp - drums

Sponsors of the evening gave out some soccer balls out to the children. They had a blast.

Okay, here is a series of photos (a lot of them) showing Mike kicking it on guitar. His vibe at that moment made me do it . . . too cool. You had to be there.

At this point in the evening there was a cool color sky behind the band. Check it out.

These two girls got right up front to get selfies with the band, and the band obliged.

My bride dancing through the evening, sometimes with me, sometimes herself, sometimes with a group. Dance, if you are not on stage playing an instrument!


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