Thursday, October 24, 2013

Franz Nicolay at Grindhouse Cafe

I first saw Franz Nicolay a year ago at the Grindhouse Cafe in Griffith. I went there to listen to Lou Shields who opened. I had to leave before Franz played, because of another commitment. I felt sad at that time. Tonight I realize why. I missed a great artist that night. Tonight made up for it.

The Grindhouse is a great place to chill out. I have been there a couple times. I want to go more, however, my busy life (by choice) does not allow. When I do go I have a sandwich and a cup of tea. The environment is soothing, like the sandwich and cup of tea. If one could just live there, I think one would.

This blog entry is to encourage you to check out the Grindhouse Cafe. It is also to introduce you to Franz Nicolay, through some photos I took, and through the writing of my experience.

When you look at Franz, you see someone special. At least I do. He displays great character. He does not stand out, rather stands in with the audience. Like your own private show in your living room. He has a gift. This gift is to share stories, both in chat with the audience, and through his music. His music, his music . . . hmmm . . . is very friendly and skillful. His tools, besides himself and his voice, are the guitar, banjo, and the accordion.

I want to write more about Franz.  I cannot.  I have not sat and talked with him.  So, until I can, go to his website and enjoy Franz.

Lets just get to some photos. Opening for Franz was Davey Wasted & Chris Furnace . . .

Franz Nicolay

 Friend Lou Shields . . .

Franz Nicolay

Grindhouse Cafe
146 N. Broad St.
Griffith, IN 46319

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