Saturday, September 23, 2017

Over/Under LIVE 9/23/17

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Words cannot describe how much I love these guys. They hit it hard Saturday night at Off Square Brewing in Crown Point. The Led Zeppelin they played was the best I ever heard. Everyone was strong.

If I understand right, Pete and Kelly was Off Square's first booked acoustic show. Now with Pete and Kelly, Over/Under was now the first band booked. I really enjoyed the setting where the band played. The acoustics were surprisingly great. With the doors dividing the store front from the brewery (where Over/Under played), the band was able to crank it up, as every band would like, to give you the real experience.

Off Square has an extensive menu. My bride Christi and I split the Ultimate Steak Sandwich with Parmesan garlic fries and it was delicious. Unique is the wood fired pizza. With other weekly specials and a never ending supply of beer (there is wine too), you cannot go wrong!

If you have not seen Over/Under yet, you should. Tonight proved they are the best in the region. You can find the link to their Facebook page at the bottom of this blog. You can also find there a couple links to Off Square Brewing where I know you will want to visit. Enjoy some photographs I took during the evening. My bride Christi will have her blog up soon, and I will link to that as well.


Kelly Skaggs - Lead Vocals, Percussion

Pete Calacci - Guitar, Vocals

Danny Mac - Bass, Vocals

Truman Fleming - Drums, Vocals

Pre-show setting up . . .

"Air Kelly". He had some hang time this night . . .


Off Square Brewing
11000 Delaware Parkway
Crown Point, IN  46307

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