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The Tomfoolery Fun Club — 4/15/18

Tomfoolery Fun Club is the happening scene around NW Indiana, supporting the Arts and specifically bringing comedy to the region. Tonight I had the pleasure of witnessing and photographing the event at the Hoosier Theatre located in downtown Whiting Indiana.

I have always said and written that NW Indiana is dripping in talent. The Arts are here. We just need someone, everyone, pulling it together. Tom Byelick and Michele Gonzalez Piskol have the passion that makes NW Indiana feel special, because they are special people. Tonight I spent time watching them. Not only were they the most excellent hosts you could have, there passion to orchestrate an evening like this drives deep with them. They will stop and talk to you at any time. They go out of their way to assist us in anything we want. They reach out to everywhere to give a NW Indiana venue to comedians. They support local business and local art which includes our musical talents like Nomad Planets.

Thank you Tom and Michelle for an enjoyable evening. Please keep up the good work. Promote comedy. Promote NW Indiana as the place to be once again. Promote our local Artists that are dripping in this talent. Please keep supporting comedy, as we will keep supporting you.

Here are some photographs from the evening, starting with the outside of this beautiful Hoosier Theatre in downtown Whiting Indiana.

I did not bring my wide angle lens to better show you the inside of this gorgeous theater first opened their doors in February of 1924. Inside the theater is ornate terracotta design throughout that give the venue a majestic feel when you walk in.

This theater was once the cross roads to Chicago, hosting entertainers like W.C. Fields, Amos & Andy, and the Three Stooges (why certainly whoop whoop whoop whoop). As you read their website you find that James Cagney sold war bonds outside the theater. As of recent, the theater shows first time movie runs, and of course, The Tomfoolery Fun Club.

My photographs do not do the theater justice. I did not bring my card to color balance. You will just have to go see a movie or another event at the theater for yourself!

The photograph above was taken from inside the theater, looking toward the opposite side of the street. The photograph below is one of the wall lights within the theater.

The lineup for tonight: Comedians Micky Housley, Manny Acosta, and Lindsay Lucido. Additional entertainment between the comedic shows included American Idol contestant Justin B. Ray, along with our local musician friends Nomad Planets. Link to all of them can be found at the end of this blog.

To get us started . . .

 Nomad Planets

Mark Mybeck – Lead Guitar / Vocal

Phil Rapchak – Bass

John Carpenter – Guitar

Terry Boylan – Drums


Tom Byelick

Michele Gonzalez Piskol

Comedian Lindsay Lucido

I liked all of the comedians tonight. Lindsay brought to the stage a shy doubting presence to her routine and pulled it off. I especially like her walking in the alley skit. (Oh good, I don't know him . . .)

Comedian Manny Acosta

Manny though being from Chicago, brought his ethnicity to his routine tonight. The story about taking a kid to lunch who ordered the Baconator® then proceeded to pull of all the bacon because he did not eat pork, "you are pork . . .". Okay, you had to be there, so why were you not?

Somewhere among all of this as I sat and watched, not taking photographs, was our Allstate agent Jorge Gutierrez on stage who debuted his comedic routine. Don't quit the insurance business George, we need you there . . . (kidding aside, Jeorge came across as a genuinely caring person. Please go check him out if you are in need).

American Idol Contestant Justin B. Ray

All I can say is that Justin and his siblings blew me away.





Comedian Micky Housley

Micky got is in trouble by playing us. His routine focused on the audience and their connections to the person sitting next to us. He had the audience blurting out delayed responses to earlier questions, which he shown pure talent working with that like an improv. Because he was so good, I failed to take better photographs of him. I sat and laughed instead.



Tomfoolery Fun Club


Mickey Housley

Manny Acosta

Lindsay Lucido

Special Guests

Justin B. Ray

Nomad Planets

Show Sponsor

Allstate Insurance
Jorge Gutierrez Agency

Special Thanks To

Hoosier Theatre

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