Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dave and Dave / Nomad Planets LIVE 7/16/16

It was a great evening listening to Dave & Dave (don't ask me who is who) and Nomad Planets at Wild Rose Brewing Company in my home town of Griffith!

Wild rose is a very comfortable place to meet friends and to have a Wild Rose made beer. Plenty of room and the decor is pretty cool. I do like the garage doors that open up to a large patio for the summertime. Plenty of stage room for a band as well.

This evening Nomad Planets were headlining and Dave & Dave opened. Here are some photos of the evening with Dave&Dave opening!

From left to right, Dave Parker and Dave Lamberg.

I do enjoy photographing inside Wildrose. More so, I enjoy photography Dave too. He puts himself into the music and gives you his vibe. A real appreciation all around. Now, which Dave is Dave? Heck if I know.

Nomad Planets

Nomad Planets have been friends since Beatles Fest (Hammond) in 2012. Their enjoyment of original music, of having fun, for entertaining, for making it real, is infectious. Thank you Mark Mybeck, Phil Rapchak, John Carpenter, Chris Ussery, and Terence Boylan!

Mark Mybeck - Lead Vocal / Guitar

Phil Rapchak - Bass Guitar / Vocal

John Carpenter - Guitar / Vocal

Chris Ussery - Keyboard / Vocal

Terence Boylan - Drums

I think Mark is proposing . . .

Wildrose Brewing Company
1104 E Main St.
Griffith, IN  46319

Nomad Planets

Dave &Dave

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