Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nomad Planets LIVE 7/16/15

The Wicker Park Summer Concert Series included The Steepwater Band (TBS) and Nomad Planets. Two of our best in NW Indiana. The event is meant to be outside, however rain drove the show inside. In all, one very nice smoke free air conditioned evening!

Lighting makes the photography. It can also give the photographer a bad name when it cannot be controlled. Though, it can also be cool if you can harness it. Tonight was sort of a mix. I struggled with Nomad Planets, and seemed to hit my groove with TSB. Same lighting, perhaps different positions on the stage, or I finally synced myself to the right light. (Color was alternating at a fairly quick pace.)

NOTE: For most browsers, you can click on the photo to enlarge it, then use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate through the photos.

First up . . .

Nomad Planets

Then once and a while I will play with the color in software so you can see it differently, as in the next photo . . .

The Steepwater Band

Eric giving me a photo op . . .

Photo alteration time. The original colors just were not working for these images.

Christi took this shot of Joe's leg. I do not know why . . .

Thank you The Steepwater Band and Nomad Planets!

The Steepwater Band

Nomad Planets

Wicker Park Summer Concert Series
Wicker Park
Highland, IN 46322

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