Saturday, September 22, 2018

Nomad Planets CD Release Party!


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the Chimney with care,

But wait, (record scratch) it's not that time yet.

Because we have time, get'm while they last, the Nomad Planets CD release "Rise and Shine", with artwork by Sophia Rapata! They are great for a stocking stuffers this holiday season. But wait, (record scratch) they are great for any season so why wait, get them now!!!!

Okay, I took some liberty above. You get the point. Nomad Planets are a really cool set of guys from the region who write, play, record music very well, and they are very dynamic on stage. They keep your attention all the way through as you dig their vibe, connections with the song, with the band, and with the audience.

So this evening was their CD release party at 18th Street Brewery in Hammond. If you came early to get a seat, you were not early enough. More chairs were added, yet people seemed happy to stand. I know why too, the music is always great to dance to whether you do just a little wiggle or lay it all out on the floor.

Opening for this party was Robert Rolfe Feddersen, commonly known as "RRF". The happy go lucky always positive group put on another excellent show for us. When they open they are like the warm up people before the late night host comes on set, getting everyone cranked up for a good show. As always, they exceeded our expectations!!!

Here are some photos of the Nomad Planet's "Rise and Shine" CD release party for you to enjoy.

Nomad Planets

Mark Mybeck - Lead Vocal / Guitar

Phil Rapchak - Bass

John Carpenter - Guitar / Vocal

Terry Boylan - Drums

And and and, we celebrated Mark's birthday too with cake and gifts . . .

Need to give the Terry some face time here. The guy in the back rarely scene, and you cannot do without him.


Nomad Planets

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