Thursday, January 3, 2013

SteepDanger 1/3/13

Yes, I will say it again. NW Indiana has more artistry, more cross links to each other, than any other area in the United States. Tonight was a blast hanging out with Jerry Clemons of the Nick Danger Band, Cat Clemons, accompanied by Jeff Massey and Joe Winters of The Steepwater Band, Ed Brann (a close friend of Jerry's), and Kenny Kinsey. Several bands, many individual artists, getting together as friends to JAM for us, breaking the stereotype commercialization of music. Friends, dripping with talent, wanting to perform at any level to their friends and fans. This type of JAM beats any top venue in my book. Though I would never pass up a chance to see them, whether big venue or small club.

I am going to start you off with a video.  The band came back for their second set, POWERED!  I was not expecting it.  They hammered us with some classics like race horses getting out of the gate.  This particular video was the last of the series I took.  The others are at the end of this blog.  I would not blame you if you jumped to the end, before looking at the photos.

This night was smooooooth.  The hand offs of talent from one musician to the other.  The seamless and silently vocal between them.  They have mastered their skill in our eyes, yet never satisfied in theirs.  That is what brings the spontaneity, the FUN to us.  Great entertainment!

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.  First, let me introduce you to the band(s), made up of some of the The Steepwater Band, the Nick Danger Band, and friends.  Wow, at this moment I would like to list every other musician I know because all of them kick ass.  However, I will contain . . . for now . . .

Jerry Clemons - Lead Vocal / Bass

Cat Clemons - Guitar / Vocal

Jeff Massey - Guitar / Vocal

Joe Winters - Drums / Superman

Ed Brann - Congas

Kenny Kinsey - Bass

Now the photos of the evening . . .

Again, I cannot overstate.  Tonight was a blast.  Nothing like a small venue, an up front and personal show, from a group of musicians who do not normally play together yet JAMMED like there was no end to their friendship and skill.  We Luv you guys!!!!

Thanks for the Ride !

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