Saturday, March 10, 2012

Paul Henry's Acoustic Jam 79

Here are some brief photos of Thursday nights 79th JAM . . .

Brenda Valle

Matt Heckler

Adrian Remirez

Dan Serapin

Artist Lauren Dunning . . . for whatever reason she just started cracking up, so I kept on shooting (if this is what money can to do you . . . bring it on! lol)

Some more Adrian. . .

I will even give Nikon owners a little respect . . .

Joey Humphrey

Photography heaven, Paul Henry's Art Gallery . . . :)

Angela Leimer and Erica Marks

And another winner of a heart . . . I think David had the best job in that house, giving out those hearts.

Rich Hall

And now the man of many hats . . .

Lou Shields

Lou holding up Mike Callahan's new piece of work, the Chamber Pot guitar . . .

And now you see both of Mike's work . . .

Krystal Kadar

8 yr Old Maxine Jones

Maxine did great, and picked the largest heart out that David had to offer . . . a well earned heart at that . . .

Thomas Matecki and Rich Alvarez

Some people were getting should rubs . . . I need one Sandra (wave wave) . . . .

Oh, alright, I stayed for one more . . .

There was more, so if you missed it, it was because you did not go.  You can check out my blog archive on the Thursday night JAM and Paul Henry's Art Gallery at the top right part of the page (you may need to scroll back up).

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