Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ross Hubbell 4/18/12

Ross Hubbell had walked into Paul Henry's Art Gallery last Thursday night with a large guitar case. I did not have the chance to personally meet Ross nor see, let alone hear, what was in the case.  I had to leave early (was not feeling well). It was a joy to see that Ross made the time to look me up on FaceBook and to invite me to a small gig he had at Svago Ristorante in Dyer, IN.

It was the first time I have been to Svago Ristorante, and will not be my last, because it was a delight. Great atmosphere, exquisite food, friendly service, and now I know, a feature music performance on Wednesday evenings. Now that I wrote that, I am looking at their website. So lets try writing it their way, "Svago Ristorante offers an exquisite dining experience with a homey atmosphere where friends and family gather!". I needed to write that because I actually chose the word "exquisite" before I read their website.

I called ahead to obtain permission to photograph Ross that evening. I was given to Master Chef Tony (photo below with Ross and Ross' son), who was very polite and accommodating. Tony really enjoys his service to the community. I could tell by the phone conversation, seeing him walk his restaurant checking quality, how willing he was to engage with you, at your choice, on how he prepared your dish. The restaurant itself is very inviting.

The food was superb!  I had the evenings special, a chicken dish that from what I understand, Tony had been cooking for many years.  Looking at the Online menu, I do not see it, so I can only conclude that Tony brings it out once and a while to delight our spirit.  It was the best!  My son had the Homemade Lasagna, Sicilian Style, and enjoyed it very much as well.  What appeared to be a proper sized portion, was tastily enjoyed, bringing you to your knees wanting more.

Though this blog entry is about the overall experience of NW Indiana, I have to thank, and now appreciation to his musical talent, Ross for inviting me to his gig and for his wonderful artistry that was very well suited for the evening.

Ross and his son played through dinner.  The music was perfect for the venue, for dining, and the combo of him with his son fit perfectly into the setting.  Here are some photos . . . (click on the photo to enlarge, and click again to index through).

Ross and his son were enjoyable.  I do recommend that you connect with Ross, perhaps on FaceBook, to see where he will be playing next.  

For the restaurant . . .

Svao Ristorante
1103 Joliet St.
Dyer, IN  46311

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