Friday, October 4, 2013

The Robots LIVE 10/4/13

"V" for VendetaRobotica

I am now trying to do all I can with one flash. To exploit to the extent I can before I try going to multiple flashes. This evening I was still a bit under the weather, so I just started photographing. The Robots motivated me such that for the 2nd set, I had to get the flash out of the car. Those photos you will recognize when you get to them.


A few camera low angle shots, basically shooting off the floor, blind to what is in the view finder. I think these next couple photos of Pete Calacci (me photographing blind) came out pretty cool.

It was a bit funny walking out to get my flash after the 2nd set. These two ladies complained that I did not stop to take their photo, like I was not interested in them enough to even consider photographing. Then they posed. Then I was interested . . . lol.

Bob, the actor . . .

This next photo is one of my favorites. I think I might have it printed on aluminum to give to Pete.

This next photo of Bob and Pete I think is pretty cool to. I may have this one printed on aluminum for Bob and Pete as well.

Jerry Clemens in the house . . .

Yes, another one of Pete I like . . .

Perhaps another . . .

I now try to photograph the unusual. Something I have not shown beyond the common photo. These next few photos of Chris Wander on keyboards I thought were interesting. Of course, The Robots lighting did help this.

Danny Mac getting down on a base solo, accompanied by Ed Fell on drums, then handed to Ed by Danny to complete a drum solo. There were a few new people in the crowd. I know I was impressed . . . where you?

The intent of me going back to take photos of The Robots is to improve. Not to just take photos, though to many that see me photograph and have not seen my blog may not understand that. I am learning cause and effect, problem solving, as I do as an engineer, as I do what Parish has taught me. I am so green, new, untrained. Yet I am still open, fresh, wanting more. Hoping to find that road nobody has traveled. Come take the ride with me . . .

The Track Lounge
318 N. Jackson St.
Crown Point, IN 46307
(219) 663-9838

For more information on "The Robots" . . .

Loyal Plastic Robots
or "The Robots"
Pete Calacci (219) 616-1470
Bob Sherman (219) 805-7140

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