Saturday, February 9, 2013

Murphy & Milan

Oh ya, two great ladies playing acoustic and singing to us during dinner! Christine and Michelle are two totally talented (and beautiful) ladies who enjoy music. I know, because I was there and it shows.

I have missed their performances around the area the last couple months. This time I made it to their event at Casa Del Mar which is a Mexican Bar & Grill. The place was packed, with people waiting for seating. Food plates kept coming out, smelling and looking great. Everyone waiting for their food to be served were engaged with the musical performance. Even those eating stopped to look and listen.

The harmony, choice of song, the energy and connection these two have, make it a joy to be around them. Here are some photos of the evening . . .



You can stay connected with Murphy & Milan by liking their facebook page.  You can also see Murphy & Milan at Casa Del Mar once again on March 16th.

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