Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mother's Breath - Benefit for Sharon Dodge

To donate, please visit: 

The Family

Saturday, from noon to 9:00 PM, The Track Lounge hosted a benefit for Sharon Dodge, who has C.O.P.D. The money raised is going towards necessary home improvements to allow Sharon to remain at home until she will need to undergo surgery.

Auctions, music, food, friendship, were all plentiful. I had other commitments, so I did not arrive until about 8:00 PM. The musical lineup for the day included:

Liz Horvath

Chicago Bob's All-Stars

The Picks

Here are some photos for the time I was there . . .

The first drawing was for the guitar . . .

Sharon watching via Skype . . .

Thank you Track Lounge for hosting. Thank you Dodge family for being there for us . . . we are there for you . . .

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