Friday, February 14, 2014

The Robots LIVE 2/14/14

The Robots were at Jack's in Lansing, IL, both Friday the 14th and Wednesday the 15th. I actually went to both. Was nice to enjoy them in a smoke free environment. This is why I tend to cross the boarder a lot to photograph . . . smoke free.

The Robots played very well Friday. They were not full Robots because they were missing their Bot (Bob Sherman). However, they rocked the place. Lots of people were there. Many have not heard them before. Lots of dancing took place. Lots of psychedelic photos took place. Heavy psychedelic. I have been working on this for a while (photography wise). I had created some effects mechanically as a kid. I am enjoying exploiting, controlling, the camera to give the the images I want. Please note these are all "in camera" with predicted outcome. No editing had been done.

This blog entry will be for both nights. So, you will see Bot Bob later in the set of photos.

For more information on "The Robots" . . .

Loyal Plastic Robots
or "The Robots"
Pete Calacci (219) 616-1470
Bob Sherman (219) 805-7140

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