Saturday, January 3, 2015

Nomad Planets LIVE 1/3/15

Tonight I had the privilege to not only go see two great bands, I also partied at my bride's annual birthday party with The Steepwater Band!

Nomad Planets opened for The Steepwater Band this evening. I saw this combo a year ago and thought it was great. Glad to report, it was great this year too. I first met Nomad Planets at the Beatlesfest in Hammond, 2012. I shared some of my photos with them, and we have been friends since. A great bunch of guys with musical talent. 

I first saw The Steepwater Band at the Chicago House of Blues the same year (2012), which was also the same year and event I met my bride Christi. Though at that time we never spoke to each other, let alone remember each other after that. We were both in the photographer's pit. It was not until later (2013) we crossed paths again, and again with The Steepwater Band. So having The Steepwater Band as a focal point for us was meant to be. It made this evening very special for Christi.

Tonight was a blast. Both bands left it on the floor for us. Lots of dancing. Lots of fun. Here are some photos for you to look at . . .

Nomad Planets

Mark Mybeck

Phil Rapchak on Bass

Terence Boylan

Christi dancing with her mom . . .

John Carpenter

Chris Ussery on Keyboards

The Steepwater Band

Joe Winters on Drums

(Groovy) Tod Bowers on Bass

Jeff Massey

Once and a while when the venue red lights become too much, I switch my camera to sepia tone and take a few pictures. This helps to see Joe on drums.

(Superdad) Eric Saylors

Video by Dave Parker

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