Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rock 'N' Rail Fest LIVE 9/3/15

This is the 7th Annual, Rock 'N' Rail festival in downtown Griffith, Indiana. The street shuts down for 4 days, starting Thursday, for what has become a real big event in NW Indiana. My home town!!!

There is a lot of fun for the kids in the "Kids Zone". Each day brings a special event for them to join in and have their own kid fun, which also included some special performances for the kids too.

For Day 2 you can click here, Day 4 here. Below are some photos of the 1st day. Enjoy!

Between main stage bands there was music on the side stage. Below is a photo of Remember When - Doo-wop!

People really enjoyed the elephant. A cool mist of water would spray from the trunk to keep you cool. Every so often you would hear an elephant noise. Very often you would see some elephant ears being sold, and the best corn dogs I have ever had!

Yinyang Gourmeals

I have become a great fan of the Kabobs and Korean Tacos from Yinyang Gourmeals, ever since last year's Griffith Central Market. Now I see them at other festivals in the area. Please check them out when you get a chance.

I really enjoyed this band. You can tell by all my photos. Dee Dee has this beautiful fun energy about her that captivates you. I am glad I was able to see them here in Griffith on the main stage.

The back screen looks like it had a computer crop mark with grabs. You did not see it as the screen played the images. Happens to be the camera sync caught it. Looks strange.

My music bride singing along with the band . . .

The stage was lit up really cool for this event, as you can tell by the next photo. As the sun went down, the images began to pop . . .

The fog machine. Nice for affects to wow the audience. Good or bad at times for photographers.

A night shot of my photographer bride doing her thing . . .

My smiley bride . . .

The Chicago 6 Band is made up of our 1985 Chicago Bears and other musicians (John McFarland, Matt Kammerer, and Ed Kammerer). The crowd arrived early, and the line was long, for autographs. The Bears who were on stage included Dan Hampton, Otis Wilson, and Steve McMichael. Also present from the Bears signing autographs were Keith Van Horne, Mike Richardson, Jim Morissey, Mike Hartenstine, and Kurt Becker. A real cool lineup!

You can check out the Rock 'N' Rail event page on Facebook by clicking here. See you next year!

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