Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pete & Kelly LIVE 6/10/17

Good friends, good music, what else can you ask for when you are Pete Calacci and Kelly Skaggs? Well, I guess a place to get together with good friends, to play some good music, and in this case, have some great food!

Pete and Kelly wowed the crowd at 95ate5 Brew Pub. This was their first time playing there, which means an audience that has not heard them before. Kelly's ability to hit notes with a voice that is ass kicking, and Pete's articulation and play on the acoustic guitar, reeled them all in. Of course, Pete and Kelly had their entourage of followers show up too.

This venue, 95ate5 Brew Pub, is a very inviting place with the decor and staff. It is not like walking into many other micro breweries. It is like walking into a friends house for food and entertainment. The food and atmosphere really make 95ate5 Brew Pub a unique place to go have some food and drink. Oh, and did I mention food! I thought it was great!!!

Here are some photos from the evening. Enjoy . . .

There was a lot of difficulty photographing with the sun at their backs. If I had my flash with me I could have overcome it. So, just a couple photos were acceptable. The next set was after the sun went down low enough for the Pub to close the drapes.

Pete and Kelly

95ate5 Brew Pub
9585 N Industrial Dr Unit D
Saint John, IN  46373

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