Saturday, February 3, 2018

RRF LIVE 2/3/2018

Local. That says it all. Robert Rolfe Feddersen otherwise known as RRF when the band plays, is all about local. Local music, local made beer, local food, local everything. He celebrates the entrepreneur spirit, and he plays folk music when he does.

Robert is a writer, he records, and even licenses his original music. He supports the working class, he supports musicians in their early career. He even supports Christi and I in our photography.

Tonight RRF played at St. John Malt Brothers Craft Brewers Anniversary Bash. My bride Christi and I went to listen and photograph. One cannot help but to be uplifted by the positiveness of Robert and Terri Feddersen. This adds to the enjoyment of the evening. Here are some photographs for You to enjoy!

My bride Christi . . .

One cannot close an evening without "Thumper", with RRF and the RRF Chicks (Christi never told me she was a member of his band) . . .


St. John Malt Brothers Craft Brewers
967 Wicker Avenue
Saint John, Indiana 46373

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