Friday, August 25, 2017

The Unstoppables LIVE

Another day another Griffith Central Market. Well, not really. Each market day is unique, as is life, as are we. This particular day is unique because it is the last Griffith Central Market day for this year. Sad that it is cut short this year, just when the evening temperatures are beginning to subside. Hindsight, I can only guess they cut it short this year because of the playground re-construction that needed to start.

I enjoy the environment the Griffith Central Market brings. It can be a quite time to get away and enjoy Griffith. It can be romance of a couple wanting to be seen together. It can be because you are hungry. It can be for meeting friends. It can be for meditation to release the stress of the day. It can be for the music. It can be for . . .

This evening was a peaceful no rush kick up you feet and enjoy evening. I was able to seem my individual friends perform this musical show as "The Unstoppables", which was really nice. And of course I was able to photograph.

This is a family event. Griffith does an excellent job holding the interest of the youngsters.

First up to warm our music appetite, "The Failers". I was surprised the market booked such a good group of musicians to open for the evening. A treat for sure.

"The Unstappables" . . .

I saw this dog, so friendly needing attention, so I photographed him. He is up for adoption (or may be adopted already) at the Humane Society. (We crossed paths again a the Rock 'N' Rail Fest the next week, and he did not remember me. First impressions . . .)

Get to know our vendors who support us.

Griffith Central Market
600 N Broad St
Griffith, IN  46319
Friday's 3:00 to 8:00 pm

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