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Nomad Planets LIVE 1/19/18

(To see my bride Christi's blog on this same event, click here.)

Local art, local music, region people, and local beer. That is where I was last night. Where can you find that? At Wildrose Brewing Company in Griffith, Indiana. Oh, and what local music? Frank and Dave opened for us, and Nomad Planets closed!

Like many duos you find playing in the area, Frank and Dave who opened for us, is made up of Dave from the Dave & Dave band, and Frank from I'm With Frank band. It was a nice opening that closed with Kimberley joining in from the I'm With Frank band.

Nomad Planets, I just cannot say enough. Well, I did further down in the blog. This is one band you will see more than once, twice, thrice, after you "just go see them".

Wildrose Brewing Company here in my town of Griffith, seems to be the perfect place to photograph.  The size and lighting is conducive, and when bands add just enough white or near white fill lighting, it can enhance it as you can see from the above photograph. Not once have I had to consider my own flash.

The food at Wildrose is amazing too. Yes, a lot of local breweries in the area have great food. Wildrose, however, makes it a simple choice with lots of flavor. I am not a beer drinker, so I let them select a dark brew for me this evening. Wow, what flavor and smoothness! That just might be my go to beer now.

Here are the photographs. Note that when lighting is not right, like too much red light added, I convert to black and white photographs, or I set my camera to black and white. One photograph below of John photographed well in color, however I saw the opportunity to play around with it in black and white, as you will near the end of this blog. Enjoy!

Some playing around with blind photography. What I mean by that is, Point and shoot without previewing the image for in-frame. Sort of like closing your eyes and pressing the shutter button. The photographs are of Christi's camera.

Drummers have it ruff being seen behind the band. Or maybe that is a good thing?! The next photograph I had Terry framed just like the photograph above, however the boys closed in on his space. Another drummer lost in the woods.

The band takes up a wide berth that sometimes Chris gets lost in the photography. Though lost but never "lost", I make it a point to photograph him because he is a key element of the band and their music, and a nice guy to boot . . .

The uniqueness here is two long time friends. You do not see relationships like that remain over time. People move, different interests separate. These two, not so. Mark and Phil . . .

Also, this next photo is another "blind photograph"!

The major uniqueness of the band, which gives credit to each individual of the band, is that the entire group brings different enjoyable moments to the performance. You can see each band member acknowledge the other, in different combinations, with different wit, charm, charisma, and just playing around. It can be Mark and Terry one time, then Phil and John the next. Then the funny kicks in when they all look at Chris. (Kidding, well maybe not. I had to poke my buddy Chris for fun.)

(Thank you MaryEllen for getting us into that conversation about the band. It was an important one to me.)

Nomad Planets

I'm With Frank

Wildrose Brewing Company
1104 E Main St.
Griffith, IN 46319

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