Thursday, December 29, 2022

Update 12/29/2022


It has been a long time, again, since I posted on this blog site. It is difficult to corral the music scene in area code 219. Everyone has their view how it should be done. Each with a promising start. Some die off (like this site), some go stagnate (like this site), while others seem to have the horsepower to endure (maybe this site).

Still, the music scene (and art scene) grows, thanks to all of you who support the dripping talent of NW Indiana. We have bands that have been strong and are staying strong, like the Corey Dennison Band with ties to NW Indiana, and Funky MojoDaddy of NW Indiana. We have the powerhouse, The Steepwater Band who have some roots in NW Indana as well. We have Marrakesh Express ⁓ a CSNY Experience. Of course there are many more.

My recommendation is to pick a band, or several bands that you like. "Like" their Facebook page, and follow them. Support them. Let them know how important they are to you. In my photography experience, when I connect with a band during the photography, they also connect with me. We feed off each other, powering each other with a vibe that heightens our experience. The experience that we as fans want to have every time a band performs. Dance, cry, clap, sing along, and most of all show your enjoyment, for the band will see that and reciprocate.

The 219 Music t-shirts did not go over well. Took a loss on that one. I ended up giving many of the shirts that did not sell to the Paul Henry's Thursday Night Jam to give away to those who came. You can find more on venue at my StreetPhoto.ME site, near the bottom of the page.

Should you be a band or a venue of the 219 area code of NW Indiana, and would like to be listed, please send an E-mail to 219MusicLive[at] Note that I use the [at] instead of typing @ so that the Internet bots do not pick up on it and slam me. Do use @ in the address when you E-mail.

In addition, you as fans of our 219 area code can also help. If you have a band or a venue that you want added, please E-mail me. The same goes for any listing that is no longer there, that no longer hosts our local musicians. Should Hard Rock Cafe in Gary now be added? Let me know your thoughts. Me, I am not sure they support the local scene enough yet. What would be cool of them is if they would add a room just for local artists, yet not exclude from the Hard Rock Cafe our bands like The Crawpuppies, or from the Council Oak Bar our bands like Head Honchos.

Lastly, if you find errors or broken links, please let me know. I have a day job. This is just something to keep me off the streets as it were, after my day job.

Keep On Truck'n!

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